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What You Need To Know About Central Iowa Pool Contractors

Here are some questions you should always ask a pool contractor before choosing him to install your pool:

What do you use to backfill?
We use sand for better compaction. Many of our competitors use dirt which settles. It will not compact. Therefore, your concrete will settle with the dirt, leaving pockets underneath your concrete and around your pool, which will cause damage to your concrete and your pool.

What do you use for underground pipe?
We use flexpipe, because it does not crack when the Iowa weather goes from hot to cold to freezing. Some pool companies use Schedule 40 PVC, which over time will hairline crack because of freezing and thawing.

How many references will you provide from past customers?
We will provide you with 30 references.

What warranty does that pool come with?
Our pools have a 75 year manufacturer's warranty. Watch out for and pin down what "Lifetime Warranty" means.

What kind of equipment is installed for operating the pool?
We use all Pantera products, which come with a two year warranty on all equipment.

In order to keep my warranty intact, what does it cost to have you open and close my pool each year?
We charge $350 to open, $350 to close and $50 for chemicals for the entire season.

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